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I have been raving about the Adomi Team… We were absolutely satisfied with their services.

They were attentive, prompt, responsive to our needs, hardworking and they were available. We couldn’t have asked for more in a realtor team. We wouldn’t think twice about using the Adomi Team again and again and again, and recommending them to our friends and clients.

Jane G. Rukaria, Barrister & Solicitor

Definitely more professional than all the agents I've dealt with in the past They staged our home and advertised it in many ways that our previous agents never even thought about; gave it a lot of exposure.

They did everything they said they would do and even went above and beyond what they promised. We got feedback from every showing and they always returned our calls. Their negotiation skill is excellent and they got us the price we wanted. They protected our interest 100%

Barry & Virginia McMaster

I was comfortable signing an agreement to work with them at our first meeting Neville and Damali are very thorough in explaining what the steps are.

And in two or three instances, I got things I wasn’t expecting. They were good at keeping me well informed of when we were in the transaction. I bought the place that I wanted to buy at the price I wanted to pay. So I can’t complain at all about their service.

John Duffield

The Adomi Team of Neville and Damali have been exceptional in the quality service, dedication and due diligence provided to us during the entire process of selling our apartment.

They worked very hard during the preparation phase and in marketing our apartment and giving it maximum exposure through a wide range of avenues that we never even knew existed. They exceeded our expectation in every way and we can’t thank them enough for their service. To top it all, they genuinely care about SERVING YOU as their client. This is clearly experienced as they work with you throughout the entire process. Again, thank you very much Neville and Damali for working with us to achieve the goal of selling our apartment.

Sehon & Tania Bryan

My son and I first met Neville and Damali last year at my daughter’s wedding.

A year later with their help we are now proud owners of our first home. The Adomi Team helped us in every step of the way. They took in to account all of our needs and were always available to answer any concerns or questions we may have had. Their professionalism is truly outstanding. I can’t thank them enough for their patience and their friendship. Neville and Damali made this first time buying experience wonderful and we would recommend them to anyone who wishes to buy or sell. They are truly a blessing.

Susan and Sean Smith

Everything was upfront with no surprises.

We were extremely impressed with their high level of service. As a team, it was very easy to deal with them, which saved us the hassle of dealing with two separate people. What a difference they made in our lives! We couldn’t have asked for better service! Give them the task, sit back, relax and see them deliver something you will always be proud of. They are quite a team!

Rebecca & Eddison Lee-Johnson

Their professionalism, commitment and their integrity is absolutely number one Neville was thinking outside the box.

We couldn't find what I wanted on the MLS so he put out flyers to all the homes in the neighbourhood I wanted, contacted expired listings and knocked on doors and that is actually how we found my house. The sellers didn't want to sell but Neville effectively convinced them to sell.

Ronaye Ireland

Neville restored my faith in realtors and business people in general They were obviously very intelligent people, which gave them the ability to think creatively and to go above and beyond, think outside of the box and do things that other realtor wouldn't think to do.

Their work ethic was incredible, and their integrity was absolutely phenomenal. Other realtors were more concerned about making their own commission but Neville was more concerned about me getting exactly what suited me and in the timeframe that we needed it.

Debra & Mario Eilers

Very professional realtors with fantastic marketing tools Neville and Damali were very helpful caring, compassionate and genuine.

They increased the value of our home and made it more very attractive to buyers by staging it. Their fantastic marketing strategy gave our home maximum exposure with lots of showings resulting in multiple offers and Neville's fantastic negotiating skills got us almost the asking price. We were frequently updated on their progress. They've changed our perception of realtors.

Gershon & Sandra Tan

Neville and Damali Adomi provided us excellent real estate and mortgage services.

We are very pleased with their efforts to make our experience in purchasing our new home as pleasant and with as much ease as possible. We have not just received great real estate and mortgage services, we have gained a wonderful friendship with the Adomis. This team has done an immense job and we will continue to use and refer their services.

Audley & Hopelyn Brown

They saved me from foreclosure and gave me 100% attention despite having many other clients My previous agent had my home on the market for 7 months and I was about to be foreclosed on.

Neville negotiated with my lender to hold off and give them time to market the house. Their entire marketing system was above and beyond because I’ve never seen anything like it. They did a beautiful professional job and created lots of exposure. The house was sold in like 10 days. The offer was $10,000 less than our asking price but Neville negotiated it to $500 below asking price. They kept me regularly informed of every move to sell my home. Even though they had many other homes up for sale I felt like I had their 100% attention. I would never speak to another realtor about buying or selling ever again. You know you're going to get 150% service from Neville and Damali.

Nancy Ezako

In a relatively short period of time I bought a new condominium, prepared my old home for placement on the market, and eventually was able to sell this place successfully during its first scheduled Open House Damali assisted me every step along the way in the most professional and insightful manner.

Her insurmountable work ethic made this busy time of change for me an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Albertus Roskam

They did whatever they could do and they protected my interest 100%, even more.

Their service is so exquisite and so detailed. I think it's the good benefit of having real estate agents like Damali and Neville because they have the ability; they have capacity to take care of each individual client carefully. They updated me constantly through telephone or texting. So I should say that sometimes I received messages five times or six times a day. Not only just informing me of the market situation.

Choji Hayashi

They brought in a home staging consultant and made our home look very presentable.

They also brought in a professional photographer and videographer who made a great video and took excellent pictures. They just did everything to make the house look beyond the normal look and sold it very quickly in a few days.

Frederick & Joevelyn Boyd

They really really cared for our needs Our biggest fear was that we had a very short time window to sell.

Neville was really adamant that he could get top dollar for the house and it turns out he did it. He got above the asking price for our house and it sold within 14 days. They brought stagers to stage our home and their advertising was really in depth. They were really helpful. They even took our kids out to the parks for the afternoon to give us some free time to get the house ready to put on the market.

Brent & Rebecca Martens

It was nice working with the Adomi Team.

They were wonderful and amazing professionals. At the end of the day, we sold and bought. Everything worked out very well for us. This was our first time using a realtor and it was a really good experience. We definitely advise anyone looking to buy and sell to work with the Adomi Team because we know they will help you and take good care of you.

The Ibisomi Family

My Condo Sold Well Over Asking Price!

I Was Able to Get My Dream Home… Selecting the right real estate agent is the first crucial step to successfully selling your real estate property. The Adomi Team are the best realtors who have ever worked for me! Neville and Damali made the sale of my condominium a gold mine to purchase my dream home. They are confident, conscientious and very informative. They patiently listened to me, and educated me to be a smart seller and purchaser. Thank you, Adomi Team! Their after sales services have been wonderful as well. If you ever need a real estate agent, I strongly recommend The Adomi Team. They are the best and they will bring you the best results!

Choji Hayashi

They negotiated full asking price for us in a bad market.

The market was bad and we feared that we weren't going to sell or get what we needed to sell it for. Neville and Damali staged our home and marketed it effectively that we had well over 30, maybe even more than 40 showings. There was so much interest right away and Neville negotiated to get us full asking price. The staging of our home was a big factor in selling it quickly because first impressions are unbelievably important...

Ellie & Mackenzie Carnegie

I am thankful for their hard work in facilitating the sale of my condo.

Despite the fact that this is not the first time I sold a property I still appreciate the time spent by Damali and Neville in giving a thorough information session on selling a property. Communication between us was very good. The response time to my calls was prompt. Their office staff, Diane, was helpful and pleasant. My home was a refuge and an investment. The Adomi Team was patient and respectful of my feelings and emotions throughout the process. I am satisfied with the end result and will gladly recommend their services to friends and family.

Lolita Dumbrique

Efficient, Professional, and No Drama It was quick.

My home sold in 2 days after the open house. It was efficient; they were on time, professional. So things went very well and smooth. I didn't have any crises that made the whole process a lot easier than I’ve experienced in the past. I found their personalized service touching base frequently and keeping me informed to be quite valuable.

Joy Powell

They go the extra mile to provide excellent professional service They provide a very thorough professional service, with lots of perks, and they seem to go the extra mile.

They do provide value to their customer. They were always willing to negotiate some money off the asking price and they always advice me about how to go about stuff and the paper work. Unlike agents from large offices these guy provide personal relationship service. They care for you and they know you on a personal level.

Pablo Crespell

Everything they have done was good.

The Adomi Team helped me buy a home and the service was very good. The Adomi Team did a good job with the negotiation and even helped me get a mortgage. They were friendly to work with and it was very satisfying. I would definitely recommend them to someone needing to buy or sell a home.

Benard Adigu

As a first time home buyer, there were lots of nerves and apprehension from the idea of owning my own home.

Meeting with the Adomi Team was quite relaxing and informative and I was convinced that it was actually possible to accomplish this dream. Although we looked at different cities to get a general idea of what was on the market, I had one and only one location in mind. At times it seemed daunting the likelihood of buying in that area, but through perseverance of my Realtor, Damali, we came across a condo in an ideal location. The process from start to finish went very smoothly, than I had expected. Well today I must say thanks to the Adomi Team for their professionalism, guidance and excellent negotiating skills, I am the proud owner of my own home. I would certainly recommend them to anyone interested in selling or buying a home.

Jaffia Philippe

Neville and Damali excellent negotiators, very caring and they are not pushy Neville, he has some natural talent I would say, he's a good negotiator, he has a very good strategy which worked to our advantage when we bought the house.

We couldn’t believe it when he negotiated about $25,000 off the asking price. Neville and Damali were very patient with us. So we don't find them pushy at all. They respect your time, and move to your speed. If you want to go fast, they will find you something, really fast, if you want to take your time, they will also respect that. We found them to be very respectful of our requests. Working with them was a fun ride. We really enjoyed it actually.

Tim & Polly Pineiro

Their marketing plan was very aggressive, something we haven't seen before Our biggest concern was that we wouldn't get what we wanted for our house.

They have a very impressive and creative marketing plan which was important at that time because the market was slow. There were many other homes for sale in our neighbourhood but we had way more showings and more open houses than any of our neighbors. Neville was a terrific negotiator. He negotiated a low price for our purchase and got more than 99% of asking price on our sale

Tom & Sandy Swan

Their strategy brought in a lot more people than traditional strategies might have.

Neville had a whole different strategy that was quite advanced and we've never seen in the past. Using the internet, and Facebook, and twitter, etc. It was an enjoyable experience, it went very smoothly. We've always worked with great realtors, but Neville and Damali definitely went above and beyond what we've expected completely. They proved that they're worth the commission they're getting.

Mark & Christina Prachnau

When we made the decision to buy our first home, we did not hesitate to call on Damali and Neville Adomi of the Adomi Team, to assist us with our purchase.

Prior to that, we had known them on a personal level as practical and honest. They were able to explain the intricacies of buying and financing a home very clearly, not that it seemed necessary as no detail was left unattended to during the process. The process of locating and viewing homes was made simple because of their flexibility, and by the way the use of technology was seamlessly integrated into the operation. Email updates kept us aware, daily, of all the options available to us, allowing us to plan viewings well in advance. Their straightforward approach also helped us narrow the field considerably. Financing was also so simple; we were amazed at how quickly everything came through. The experience of dealing with the Adomi Team made the home buying experience much simpler than we expected, and we are extremely pleased with our purchase.

Marilyn and Amil Lindsay

We sold for above asking price in a tough market I was being relocated to Montreal and didn't want to be away from my husband so we really needed to sell our house very quickly.

Neville and Damali put their marketing strategies in place and eventually we got 2 offers on the same day. Their negotiation skills were extraordinary. We sold for over our asking price in a slow market. I'm very impressed by them. I don't think I've ever encountered that level of service and I have sold many houses in my lifetime. This was really outstanding

Richard & Andree Tasse

Prior to becoming an administrator, I had worked for several years doing conveyancing with various law firms.

I dealt with hundreds of realtors and can honestly say that your caliber of work ethic, knowledge and integrity were not often experienced. You all did a fabulous job and we will most definitely recommend you to other people. Thanks again!

Teresa and Geoff Starr

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