Effectiveness of Our Marketing Plan




I had it on the market with another agent for 10 months at three different listings and didn't get half the walk-through that I did with Neville. Had it on the market for nine days—so nine days compared to ten months. I, you know, I can't say too much more. It's incredible. I thank God that He had put Neville at my door when He did. 


And the marketing—the house—they did a great job marketing. At the first open house that we had, we had 11 families come through the house, and, uh, the first day that it was on the market, we had three people come to the house, and it was just so on and so on like this. The exposure that we had from them was great. 

We had over 30 showings within the first 45 days; there was well over 30, maybe even more than 40. Um, there, we had so much interest right away, and even with our neighbors selling their home at the same time, we, with using Neville and Damali, generated more interest and more showings than the neighbors, and our house sold within two months, and theirs is still, unfortunately, listed. But they didn't use Neville and Damali. 


I would say very good. We had a lot of people look at the home. It had a lot of exposure, and the market at the time wasn't a high market, so I would say everything they did helped to bring our buyer that bought the home.



The marketing plan that they had was very, uh, aggressive, something that we hadn't seen before where they had a target of not just local consumers but customers all over the Lower Mainland, and that was important because the couple that ended up buying our house was from another part of the Lower Mainland, someone that would not have been reached, I don't think, without their marketing plan.

I thought it was actually—there were a number of houses in our neighborhood for sale at the time, and we would continually be in contact with those neighbors, and, you know, kind of knowing who's having an open house and how many showings they're having. We would talk to them about that, and we seem to, by far, have way more showings with more open houses than any of our other neighbors. And so, you know, from that point, we were really impressed. 


I mean, we're not selling; we weren't selling in a very good market to begin with, so they, uh, their strategies brought in a lot more people in a short period of time than maybe traditional strategies might have. I mean, we had a couple; we live in a townhouse complex, and we have a couple of other units for sale in the same complex, and I mean, they're still available. Definitely, the strategies that Neville and Damali used brought in good clientele. I mean, the people who bought a place are a young couple like we are, so they showcased our place in the best light. Definitely a 10.

So, it was a really good... lots of people coming through... people who actually were interested in it. They weren't just a lot of traffic of people who were interested in just shopping around; we had people who are actually really interested in our property, which makes a really big difference. And so we had a good three to five people who were actually seriously offered or interested... because people were all blown away by our place and by the way it was presented. And the offer we received was a really strong offer.


Neville was really adamant that he could get top dollar for the house, and we just really had to trust what he said, and, uh, and it turns out he did; he got above asking price for our house, and it sold within 14 days.

So, Neville was really good with, um, advertising the property like on Craigslist and on the Vancouver Real Estate Channel, and, um, yeah, they just—he was—they were just really good getting the house out there. 


It was quick, a two-week sale in a market like this blew us away. I didn't expect it. I figured 30 or 40 days... and that was being optimistic, but I kind of held out, and two weeks came around—bang, it was done, and it went smoothly. 


We had a lot of people; we had a lot of traffic throughout the whole time, and there's no lack of, you know, potential buyers. And most of the people that came through the door love it, right? Because Neville and Damali... they spent time staging the house; that's one of the marketing tools that they use, which I think adds value, right? It could potentially increase the value of the house as well, so that's important.

Oh, they were really fantastic. In fact, you know, Neville ended up getting, um, lining up almost like a multiple offer in place for the sale of our townhome. Right? I mean, he was very strategic in how he handled the different potential clients wanting to buy our place, um, and, you know, yeah, yep, that's right. That was one of the key things we were very impressed with was the fact that we could trust him to give us the best deal for the sale of our home. At the same time, you know, he did it with great integrity. I have to really emphasize that, you know, the team has tremendous integrity, so it's not only for us as the clients but, um, you know, for the other party as well. So they conducted themselves very professionally that way.

For me, I think because, um, I like the fact that they got a professional photographer and videographer to, you know, go through our place and take pictures and professional videos, and I think that added a lot of value because it actually draws... well, I don't know how many people went through the internet and actually wanted to see the house because of that, but I think it has to do a lot with that, um, you know, having a really good page, right? Marketing tools, putting out pictures there, all edited nicely done, Craigslist—that's how we get a lot of traffic, um, and in fact, this house that we bought had no traffic for the last two and a half months.

Our neighbors totally benefited from their marketing because the neighbor had a different realtor, and that house was sold in four days, and we know they did not market it, and guess what? It was bought with one of the potential clients that saw our house and loved it and just wasn't ready to buy. So, you know, to be very honest, I think they just did such a fantastic job. Yeah, I mean, we're just—we're 100% satisfied customers, really. Yeah, right.

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