Effective Negotiation Skills





We got full asking price. I don't know how much more you can say about negotiation, we put our price out there and Neville negotiated and let them know that this was our price point and we weren't willing to budge and they... we got our asking price. I mean, you can't get better than that.

And when we went to the purchase of the new house it was the same thing. They   

um Neville was a Pitbull. Neville the Pitbull. He negotiated down our price and negotiated up our sale so we were very we were very pleased with the results. 


I would say Neville, Neville knew what we uh he knew what we needed to make and what we wanted what we wanted and he also could I guess he's... he's a good... his ability to read people is good so I guess he knew the the people who were  interested in our place really were interested and he felt confident to take the risk to push for even a higher value than they were willing to pay that it seemed so um and he was right he was bang on yeah he got and asked what we needed but also what we wanted which was fantastic.



The negotiation skills were extraordinary I'm very impressed by them I don't think I've ever encountered that level of service and I have sold many houses in my lifetime sometimes with multiple offers as well but this was this was really outstanding.

So, from my opinion or our opinion I think that that was one of the most significant strength that we saw on the part of this team because we knew that behind the scene there were dialogue and negotiation and then when we were approached pretty much everything was done but the ability to negotiate above asking price in this market has to be one of the top strengths that I've seen on this team. 


Neville was a terrific negotiator when when we bought our house after we had sold  um the price he was able to get for us I think was was fantastic it was on that we really didn't think would would happen he also did an excellent job in negotiating for us the best sale price on our house in a difficult Market we got very very close to our asking price it was 99% of the afternoon price so we couldn't have asked for a better result on either end 


Neville was awesome he was incredible you know negotiating that he did um they were like I said they were going to foreclose and he basically got everybody on the same page and helped me be able to get everything in line so that that the idea would go through.

The people... when they first looked at my home and put in an offer they put in a very low offer and never counter-offered and with the negotiations going back and forth and Neville got the best deal that I could for the my place and for negotiations, like I said he was incredible... he had one company cut down my payments by 75 percent um that way it worked very very well. 

It was just um he was incredible with everybody and everything from the get go to the very end with trying to get and notary to help with the paperwork because it was such a difficult transaction to do. 


Neville has some natural talents I would say being a good negotiator he has very good strategies he worked to our advantage when we bought the house for sure 


I think I think that one their good skills is the negotiation skills and um as far as protecting our interests go I I think it was a 100%. 


Oh they they were really fantastic in fact you know Neville ended up getting um lining up almost like a multiple offer in place for for the sale of our town home.. right? I mean he was very strategic in how he handled the different potential clients wanting to buy our place um and you know, yeah. Yep.

That's right right that was one of the key things we were very impressed was the fact that we could trust him to give us the best deal for the sale of our home at the same time you know he did it with great integrity I have to really emphasize that you know the Adomi Team has a tremendous integrity so so it's not only for us as the clients but um you know for the other party as well so they conducted themselves very professionally that way. 


That was the most nerve-wracking um part of the process but actually I was able to put full trust in them because they are so confident and they're very tough negotiators. We got multiple offers and everything um went through very fast. Sometimes I was really pessimistic about pricing but they know how to set up the price to give me the uh to get me the best benefit from selling and of course buying as well they try to negotiate as much as possible to get the uh lowest price for the purchase as well so they did whatever they could do and to protect my interest 100%... even more. 


Working with Neville on my second purchase, he did an excellent job at bargaining for you know a better a better price for the for the home and he used every tool that he knew to pretty much get the best price that we could get which was um which was great it was a very big help um he pulled numbers that I didn't nearly expect would happen... so I was very happy with that. 


They really got to know us in the sense of what we wanted and you know when the bargaining was going back and forth there's a common theme of you know most people can tend to feel a little bit anxious and nervous but uh it just didn't that just didn't happen there was the level of trust there I just trusted them that they could do the job and I never felt like I had to oversee and make sure and they did that you know it was to me the word that keeps coming is integrity it really was there.

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